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      After more than 400 km of test rides, it was time to upgrade the board with the planned elements:

      paddle holder
      An emergency paddle can be attached lengthwise to the SUP using 4 pairs of threads. This is recommended for very long expeditions, sometimes even mandatory. The firm anchoring of the paddle on the SUP gives the SUP immense rigidity. 

      Side D-rings
      In the rear, D-rings were attached to the upper air chamber. So the maximum width of the SUP can be used as a luggage area. The advantage: the luggage does not have to be stacked as high, which provides additional stability.

      D-ring carrying and clamping system
      The specifically arranged D-rings, together with a shoulder strap, enable an increased clamping effect.
      If the SUP is carried with the shoulder strap, the luggage net contracts and additionally fixes the luggage. - Perfect for side carry.

      Grab Box
      The "feeding bowls" are located directly in front of the stand area. Two plastic boxes with 4 compartments. This enables direct access to the catering. On tours lasting several hours, nuts, dried fruit, etc. can be eaten non-stop.  

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