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      Design your own SUP deckpad on our template and send us a photo of it. The creation with the most likes will win a snow-white GiG SUP to paint yourself.
      If you were waiting for our traditional April 1st joke at this point, we're sorry to disappoint you. This time we mean it 😉.

      Conditions of participation:

      • Each participant may only submit one proposal
      • The template is available for download
      • XL templates can be printed to be used for larger art works (e.g. graffiti art)
      • Send us a photo of your creation to: info@airboard.com
      • Deadline: April 15, 2021
      • The proposals will be published on Instagram and Facebook
      • The proposal with the most likes will win a snow white GiG to realise your creation.
      • Details about the SUP and the possibilities to paint your own can be found here.

      You don't want to wait and would like to create your own customised SUP right away?
      Click here to get to the limited GiG-DIY Edition.



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