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      Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
      Hawaii feeling for your team event. Stand Up Paddling is the summer trend par excellence. It is easy to learn and can also be paddled while sitting.
      On request there is a short instruction in the basics of paddling technique. Tours with a guide are also possible.

      Teamwork is required here. Because only if everyone tackles things together and paddles together can you move forward smoothly and without falling of.
      The SUP is suitable for 4 or more people and can accommodate up to 10 people.  ...or maybe more?
      The equipment includes an XXL SUP, 10 paddles and life jackets.

      Fun and action on the water. It's 3 vs 3 players. The ball is caught with a special polo paddle or grabbed out of the water. Goal: The opposing goal of approx. 3x1.5m. The boards are very stable and symmetrically built and allow nimble turning and paddling in both directions.
      The equipment can be picked up or delivered.
      On request, assembly and dismantling as well as supervision by us is possible.

      The floor exercise mat for indoors and outdoors is versatile. Whether for air jumps or as a bathing platform.

      Download here